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Adult Students Celebrate Success

Well done to our  Sudbury students, aged 18 to 69 years, who have done well in  GCSE English and maths.


The maths paper was taken by 29 of them and 21 took English. This year the Adult Learner results were excellent with the English pass rate of grades 4-9 being achieved by 76%, that’s 28% above the national rate, and the maths pass rate for A*-C was 66% which is 18% above the national rate.


Some of the students were presented with their certificates by Deputy Mayor Sue Ayres who was very impressed with their achievements.


Sudbury Centre Co-ordinator, Gill Corke said; “Both the English and Maths GCSE have undergone a complete change and last year was the first time that we had students studying the new syllabus for English. Our students did exceptionally well in comparison to the national rates, despite the exams being significantly more challenging, making it harder to ensure a good pass. Adult students can be commended on their determination, resilience and hard work as they juggle jobs, families and busy lives around their studies. Many of our students are now studying on Access to University courses with a view to studying their degrees in areas such as nursing in the future.”


Anyone wanting to study for a maths or English qualification, cab join Sudbury’s free functional skills classes, which start again in February and can prepare you for GCSEs in September. For further information  contact  01787 880619