Music Production

From Prison to Play Station for Music Students

There’s a part of the college with classrooms where students wearing headphones sit in silence in front of computers, concentrating.


Further along the corridor are a couple of studios, where, to open a door would plunge you into a world of noise.


Welcome to Creative and Commercial Music Production! It’s where students on a BA (Hons) degree mix, record and create music. Where, being on our courses has led to some fantastic experiences and jobs.


For example, recently graduated Alistair Henty-Blows has gone straight in to employment with Pinewood Studios and is currently working on a major film creating sound design and voice dubbing.


Former degree student George Perks is credited as studio engineer for the new Pinewood Smile album from The Darkness. He is now working as a sound and mix engineer for the Crypt Studio’s in London.



Children in Need Rocks the 80s was staged at Wembley for one night with part of it being shown on Children in Need. It’s recorded by our year 2 student Davide Lombardi who will also be front of house live sound engineering the Ed Sheeran tour in London. That is going to be part of his degree research project and his mixing techniques module.



Meanwhile, there is a great ongoing collaboration between the college and the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra. Recently students took part in the Irene Taylor Trust ‘Music in Prisons’ Lullaby Project at Wandsworth Prison.



For this special project they spent two days inside the prison with members of the RPO helping male prisoners write lyrics and melodies of things they would like to say to their children. They portrayed a range of emotions from pride in their children, guilt and hope. The pieces were orchestrated, rehearsed and then recorded by the degree students who found it a humbling and unique experience.



Next project? A Play Station game from Sony which will be scored here, played by the RPO and recorded by students to feature in the game.
Local colleges and 6th forms can contact to be involved.